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ANCON needs your precious help in order to protect and preserve Panama’s rich nature and biodiversity, particularly in areas under continuous unsustainable threats of deforestation, fires and illegal hunting. Your contribution will help safeguard the Punta Patiño Natural Reserve in the eco-region of the Darien Chocó, an area rich in biodiversity and unique species.

Punta Patiño in Darién is the first and largest private natural reserve in Panamá with an extension of over 30,000 hectares (86,000 acres) and a range of ecosystems such as mangroves, beaches, dry forests (scarce in Panama) and humid forests. The reserve is home to a variety of endangered species like the jaguar, puma, harpy eagle, carey turtles among others. Click HERE for a complete list of endangered species.

Once you have made an online donation, you’ll receive a certificate with your name and be able to see in the map of the Reserve, the number of hectare (s) you are preserving.

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Join us on our new Panama Multi Sport Adventure (FIT basis) on fun active and outdoor tour activities from the Panama Canal area, Caribbean rainforest, highlands of Chiriqui and Pacific Ocean.

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Hernan Arauz on video: click here


Hernan Arauz in Washington, DC

Maps, history and a passion for the outdoors

Panama, September 15, 2010

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Hernan Arauz, Senior Naturalist Guide and company co-founder, was awarded a grant presented by the United States Library of Congress’ Kislak Fellowship for American Studies to pursue and complete his research on Descriptive and Interpretative Carto-Bibliography of the Maps of Panama and Darien from XVI Century to 1865.

The fellowship will offer Hernan full access to the Library’s extensive map collection and related documents.  Hernan will be moving to Washington, D.C. for 4 months from where he will direct his research work.

Hernan’s project had to compete for the Kislak Fellowship with 30 other notable researchers from around the globe.  It is a great honor for Hernan to have become a Kislak Fellow.  At Ancon Expeditions of Panama we are proud and honored for his accomplishment.

Hernan is a graduate from American University’s School of International Service.

Widely regarded as one of Latin America´s best, Hernan’s calling as a naturalist guide emerged 20 years ago with the founding of Panama´s first ecotourism business.

From a family of renowned scientists and explorers, Hernan´s pioneering expeditions into Panama´s eastern jungles marked him as an extraordinary leader and expert naturalist. He is a veteran of 7 Trans Darién Expeditions, including the first one transmitted over the Internet, and over 350 tours to Barro Colorado Nature Reserve. The author of Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Panama names Hernán as one of three men with whom he would trust his life.

Known not only as an expert generalist guide, Hernan also specializes in birding tours for the largest operators in the US and Europe. With a Panama bird list exceeding 960 species, including representatives from North and South America and 12 endemics, Hernan takes great pride in calling down many birds and identifying most.

For Hernan, every visit to Panama is a new opportunity to share his deep passion for Panama´s natural and cultural history. He is equally at home birding the foothills of Cana in the Darien as the highlands of Chiriqui, trekking the jungles of Darien, diving the San Blas islands, or evoking Panama´s pirate stories in mossy Caribbean ruins.

Hernan will be back in Panama next January to continue leading trips into Panama’s most formidable natural destinations celebrating his 20th season as naturalist guide.