rick morales

Naturalist Guide

Rick developed a love for nature and wildlife while growing up in the mountains of Western Panama. By age 13 he already knew well his way around all major national parks and off the beaten path corners of his native land; frequently leading trips and interpreting nature for visitors with a contagious passion.

He didn’t seriously think of natural history as a career, and eventually opted for a degree in Spanish Linguistics at the University of Panama. Several years ago Rick’s zeal for nature and his gifted ability to interpret it were noticed by Ancon Expeditions of Panama and in 1998 he joined the organization as a full time Naturalist Guide.

Today he is one of Panama’s most proficient interpretive guides and he is recognized for his birdwatching skills. Rick conducts natural history trips, jungle treks, and birdwatching tours in all of the country's life zones with the enthusiasm that has characterized him since his first encounters with nature, but backed by plentiful knowledge and experience. His unquenchable thirst for exploring and learning has taken him far beyond the geographic boundaries of his motherland to Europe, North, Central, South America and Asia; but it is in Panama where his heart belongs.

Rick Morales on tour...