mauricio hoyos

Naturalist Guide

Mauricio Hoyos was born and raised in the neighborhood of San Francisco, Panama. He attended Oxford International School where he learned to speak English, which he now speaks fluently. He is a fulltime student at the University of Panama with one year remaining to obtain his bachelor’s degree in biology.

While pursuing his degree he has also worked as a biologist for the past 4 years, working on research projects and collaborating with such institutions as the University of Champagne-Illinois, University of Panama, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the Institute for Birds Population. He also completed an internship with the United States National Park Service doing bird conservation on Fire Island in New York

Mauricio’s passion and avid interest for birds and nature has helped him to create a migratory bird monitoring exchange program between high school students in the US and Panama. Students from the United States travel to Panama to study for two weeks and in exchange, underprivileged Panamanian students visit the US for their studies.

His young spirit and an incredible thirst for knowledge in natural history and culture, have taken him to all corners of Panama: trekking, surfing, bird watching and even tracing jaguars and pumas. His over three years of guiding experience and boundless enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge, have made him one of the top up and coming naturalist guides in Panama.

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