ivan hoyos

Naturalist Guide - Expedition Guide

Search for the definition of a worldly citizen and you’ll find in Ivan your immediate result: born and raised in Panama, Ivan attended high school in New York City, college in Europe and went to graduate school in Seattle Washington.

Ivan eagerly returned to his native Panama and began his work in the field of nature tourism, where he quickly became one of Panama's most recognized naturalist guides. He leads tours throughout the whole country and has also led several expeditions in the Darien region of Panama.

Accompanying his passion for Panama's natural beauty is an addiction to travel, which has taken him around the globe to 60 countries in 6 continents. Some of his most memorable experiences have been trekking for gorillas in Uganda’s cloud forests, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro and navigating into the heart of Borneo in search of orangutans.

Ivan’s eclectic bag of interests and hobbies include urban planning, architecture, eating tropical fruits and learning of their origins, photography and mountain biking. More recently, he has participated in several environmental movements through local watchdog groups and community organizations.

Ivan is an extremely enthusiastic, charismatic and well-traveled naturalist who specializes in natural history and bird-watching!

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