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Master Naturalist Guide - Expedition Guide

Widely regarded as one of Latin America´s best, Hernán Araúz´s calling as a naturalist guide emerged 20 years ago with the founding of Panama´s first ecotourism business.

From a family of renowned scientists and explorers, Hernán´s pioneering expeditions into Panama´s eastern jungles marked him as an extraordinary leader and expert naturalist. He is a veteran of 7 Trans Darién Expeditions, including the first one transmitted over the Internet, and over 350 tours to Barro Colorado Nature Reserve. The author of Lonely Planet´s Guide to Panama names Hernán as one of three men with whom he would trust his life.

Known not only as an expert generalist guide, Hernán specializes in birding tours for the largest operators in the US. With Panama´s bird list exceeding 960 species, including representatives from North and South America and 12 endemics, Hernán takes great pride in calling down many birds and identifying most.

In 1996, when part of Panama´s Darién National Park was to be conceded for mining, President Perez Balladares was so inspired by the Great Jacamar Hernan called in at Ancon´s field station in Cana, he cancelled mining concessions for the region and pledged to conserve Cana as a wilderness reserve.

For Hernán, every visit to Panama is a new opportunity to share his deep passion for Panama´s natural and cultural history. He is equally at home birding the foothills of Cana as the highlands of Chiriqui, trekking the jungles of Darién, diving the San Blas islands, or evoking Panama´s pirate stories in mossy Caribbean ruins. At every chance, he will bring new eyes to your neotropical adventure and Panama´s colorful past to life.

Come to Panama for a holiday, and Hernán will make sure you will leave knowing Panama as the crossroads of the world.

Visit his website: www.hernanarauztorres.com 


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